Commercial powerwashing comes in many forms. We handle all of them, including fleet washing (buses, taxis or company vehicles), buildings and flat surfaces (driveways, walkways, garages, and hangars).

Commercial and business zones require more regular cleaning because of their high traffic nature. They are also areas where the need for presentation and cleanliness should be of heightened concern.

Like the old saying goes, “Image is everything.” An immaculate workspace and exterior grounds welcomes employees and customers into a comfortable setting.

Fleet Washing
Fleet washing should be done often in the transportation industry. Regular washing of your vehicles makes customers feel special and reassures them your vehicle isn’t going to leave them stranded on the side of the road. Check out our fleet washing services »

We can powerwash almost any commercial structure. Is your office building dirty? We can clean brick, wood, vinyl or aluminum siding, stucco and everything in between. Find more on our powerwashing structures services »

Flat Surfaces
Xtreme Clean can tackle any flat surface needing a thorough cleaning. Flat surfaces and flooring (garage, hangars, and commercial work spaces) are some of the most highly trafficked areas where skilled professionals spend their time. See more of our powerwashing flat surfaces »